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On a quantum level, everything is vibration. Vibrating at different frequencies, some things appear solid while others are viscous or gaseous. As humans, we each have our own optimum frequency. Our hair, organs, even our thoughts have a measurable frequency. Ultimately, resonance between all these frequencies would look like absolute perfect health - not realistic, but something to reach for. The vibrations or frequency of our environment and what we consume can all have an impact on our personal vibration. Some of these impacts are also measurable like toxins or bacteria, while others are more esoteric like eating ethically raised meat versus something from a factory farm, or watching a documentary about the resilience of hummingbirds versus a movie about a psychopath murdering teenagers - our body knows and our vibration changes. These frequencies and their impact is the basis of SoundMedicine. Vibration has been proven to interact with the cilia (tiny hair-like fibers) of a cell and change the cell’s expression. And if nothing, taking a moment to be still and just “check-out” in a sound bath has a felt impact on our minds and bodies.

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