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The Wolf Moon

January 25,  7pm - Nevada City, CA
$22-44 suggested donation

In this ritual offering, during the first lunation of the New Year, join us in sacred space as we activate our energetic centers within a magic circle of fellow mystics, magicians, and seekers of Truth and Transformation. 


Rowan Nymphaea Ka will guide participants in how to effectively cast the magic circle, invoking the Holy Beings of the Elements and Liminal Guardians of the Threshold, Hekate and Hermes. This is an active magical practice which can be utilized by anyone in their lives, from beginners to seasoned practitioners of the magical arts.


Cameron Cash will then lead us through The Seven Conscious Dances, a chakra based movement meditation that brings our awareness to the energetic systems governing the Self, to allow space for internal dynamics to dance their way into clarity. Get ready to feel the flow and magic of the Full Moon in a tangible, embodied way!

 Axis Mundi, 417 Broad St, Nevada City

Past Events

Yuletide New Moon v2.png

Yuletide New Moon

December 11,  7pm - Nevada City, CA
$22-44 suggested donation

Embark on a transformative new moon ritual to welcome the magic of winter. Come together in community to connect with the New Moon in Sagittarius in a space of rest, rejuvenation, and personal replenishment through breathwork, sound transmissions, intention-setting, and a guided meditation featuring the Oak King and Holly King. Throughout the ritual you will also have the opportunity to build your own Yule log to take home and burn on the Winter Solstice (December 22). Axis Mundi, 417 Broad St, Nevada City

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Chakra Check In (for LGTBQ)

September 9th 7-9pm via Zoom:

$10 suggested donation, no one turned away

The migration of kundalini energy from root to crown is a soul journey of feminine creative energy rising up to meet the masculine energy of the divine reaching down. This root to crown journey can also lay an excellent framework for a thorough check in of the Self, our mental health and general wellbeing. Based on Carl Jung's interpretation of the Hindu chakra system, The Chakra Check In for LGBTQ is a 7 step program of journaling and discussion catered to the queer community to help participants "check in" with their chakras as a means of discovering what parts of the Self need attention or where there may be too much emphasis already.

The goal of this workshop is to allow things to come forth without judgment or cross talk in order to deepen our personal abilities to raise our own vibration.

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